Hidden Talents of the Color Blind

Think being color blind is a disadvantage? Washington University anthropologist Amanda Melin says don’t be so sure. Color blindness may actually give some animals, and people, a competitive edge.

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Amanda Melin, PhD, is an assistant professor of physical anthropology at Washington University in St. Louis.

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  1. Daniel John says:

    facinating. As a child I was given a huge list of jobs that I would be unable to apply for including all the armed forces , which all my family had served in before me and since. Imagine the damage made on the mind of a small child when told that he would not be able to follow in his fathers and grandfathers footsteps.
    However, I made good use of my time by becoming a production manager for a print company and had special electronic gadgets to read colours for me!!

  2. Kathy Liszewski says:

    Very cool idea. Instead of color-blindness being a ‘mistake’ by Mother Nature, it provides a selective advantage (at least for some activities).

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