Bacteria that eat electricity

Just when we thought we knew it all, scientists have discovered that there are microbes that eat electricity, which is about as strange as people snacking by shoving a finger in an electric socket. What’s more, these microbes are very common. Scientists are finding them in many different places. They’ve remained hidden so long because they don’t grow well in science laboratories. Arpita Bose describes these fantastic bugs in a new animation.


Arpita BoseArpita Bose is an assistant professor in the Department of Biology at Washington University in St. Louis. She is studying  electricity-eating bacteria because she thinks their unusual chemistry might help us solve problems that require novel chemistry, such as the brownfield problem she mentions in the video.

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  1. mse says:

    very nicely illustrated
    now an important vehicle to bring science to the “people” – when there is widespread disregard for evidence/science in policy and decision-making.
    good work

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