About Ultra-Condensed Science

shutterstock_40673623The Internet is best known for pop culture craziness but as scientists will tell you, it was invented by scientists and has always hosted an underground counterculture of scientists talking to scientists, even if these conversations aren’t visible to people googling the Kardashians.

Many good things have come of this, but one is that science enthusiasts have invented new ways of talking about science, such as a science video channel. A typical channel features short videos that answer intriguing questions, such as why space is dark, how a barking dog works, or how to grow ambergris in yeast.

What makes these videos different is that they recreate — in so far as technology currently allows — a one-on-one conversation with a scientist, which is the best way to learn science: much less intimidating and a lot more amusing than reading a textbook or attending a lecture.

So it was with this model in mind that we have decided to start our own science video channel to give WashU scientists and science students an opportunity to talk directly to viewers. Not with the goal of teaching science, but rather to spread the contagion of  interest in science.


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